Theatre in Zambia 

Social theatre project

Southern African theatre - social theatre. Theatre in Zambia. Centocani

Southern African theatre

Pemba Village and African culture

This was an incredible experience for Centocani: theatre has prodigious therapeutic power.
The aim was to improve the well-being of each individual and of the whole community. We worked in the schools of the degraded suburbs of Monze, a small agricultural town.The project is currently active with a seasonal theatre workshop in Zambia completely managed by local teachers (Manungu and Mwulumbwa Schools, Monze, Southern Province).

Pemba Village and African culture
Zambian culture has largely survived in the territory, but there is a continuous integration and evolution from the foreign ones. We shared our techniques and feelings, by learning from each other.
By creating theatre groups for young people, we support the growth of love for intercultural art. 

Beauty for Change


Beauty for Change rises from the conviction that to get out of economic poverty we must first defeat human poverty.
We worked in difficult contexts promoting collaboration and solidarity in secondary schools. 
Its aim is to walk with the children on their path of growth and give them the necessary tools to face the challenges of the world.

Africa is a wonderful continent. But it is also plagued by problems such as violence against women, alcoholism and corruption. 
We approach these problems by acting on the perception that people have of themselves and their own value. 
Beauty for Change is an experience of growth, of art, of theatre.

Regonesi Machokoza Academy School

In Pemba Village we built the "Regonesi Machokoza Academy School", which is a kindergarten.

All of our works are developed employing only local resources as we are used to provide all the basic materials for the laboratories. 

We had a significant collaboration with "Whanau Onlus" ( from Pavia) and "Gesco Stars Academy".