Theatre projects

Tailored theatre projects and pathway

Theatre projects around the world. Tailored theatre projects and pathway. Centocani

Theatre projects around the world

The world needs beauty, in its art forms of music, dance, theatre

Theatre is a fundamental tool for promoting mutual knowledge between people of different cultures, traditions, and languages. It impacts social communication and affects personal growth.
Each Centocani theatre project follows a studied and tested plan-passages based on experience. We define tailored solutions for good results. Our goal is to achieve a creative, educational and fulfilling experience.

Our theatre projects strive to express the relation between the arts and the local culture of a population. We consider it a success when the involved communities develop a newfound interest in their origins! We have experienced first hand the benefits theatre can bring. 
Who can benefit from this knowledge? Actually everybody in each area: work and business, academic and professional, personal and inner.

Theatre projects around the world. Tailored theatre projects and pathway. Centocani

Projects' plan

A glimpse behind the scenes

Acting skills, performance coaching and creative theatre classes for everybody.

  1. Sharing

    Individuation of the aims. Social analysis and preliminary investigation of the themes’ topics. Research of materials and texts (fairy tales, songs, poems, masks, paintings) to get an overall image.

  2. Strategy

    Definition of the roles in the work team. Choice of the genre and artistic codes to use.

  3. Design

    Manufacture or find useful objects: musical instruments, set and costume design. Finding space with adaptation: theaters, auditoriums, squares, rooms. Construction of tailored masks in leather or paper mache. Take a look at our workshops

  4. Launch

    Exercises and rehearsals. Theatre performance and final party.

Artistic phase

The relationship between theatrical art and local cultures

Representing the soul of people is a great responsibility, there must be a parallel path between ideation and folklore.
Considering each detail is the key for a successful theatre performance. We plunge into the culture and traditions of each place.
We explore customs, myths, fairy tales, legends, proverbs, popular beliefs, music, song, dance, superstitions. The colors, the shapes, the dimensions.

The imagination comes to life when the original fabric can be tailored to highlight essential values. It’s about folklore meeting classical studies.
The best part of each theatre project? Sharing moments with a therapeutic approach.

Our projects

Theatre for people

Theatre in Togo. social and popular theatre. Centocani

Theatre in Togo

A social and popular theatre project started in 2018 in Yokèle, Togo. There is a seasonal workshop called “Atelier Les Voyageurs”. The techniques of the Italian “Commedia dell'Arte” meet the traditions of the African masks.

Theatre in Togo
Theatre in Zambia. Social theatre. Centocani

Theatre in Zambia

A social theatre started in 2016 in Pemba Village, Zambia. We founded the “Regonesi-Machokoza” Academy. The project is currently active with a seasonal workshop completely managed by local teachers.

Theatre in Zambia