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Our nonprofit fundraising

Dancer, Handmade papercraft African mask. Nonprofit fundraising for Covid-19

We empowered skills with common social interest.

We created an online nonprofit fundraising for the Covid-19 battle in Africa.
We engaged all people who supported the realisation of the idea.
Centocani designed and produced handmade masks, Amref Italia managed and organised the economic aspects, CharityStars offered their platform to make it all come true!

Cow, Handmade papercraft masks. Nonprofit fundraising for Covid-19

The “Mu” and “The dark side of the Mu” masks

What will you find:
the masks’ details

  1. A brief description of the mask with dimensions, weight and coloring.
  2. The explanation of the name: where the basic form come from and the reason of the artistic choice based on the expressiveness of the mask.
  3. Each mask was made following a long and meticulous technique:
    - Clay sculpture
    - Clay mold (plaster casting)
    - Clay extraction and mold finishing touch
    - Lay paper and gauze
    - Post production (glue, eye cut, color)
  4. The materials used are: glass mastic, alabaster plaster, newspaper, vaseline (maintenance of the mold), vinyl glue, sandpaper, brushes, cans of acrylic color, beeswax.
Maschera africana artigianale. Per emergenza covid-19, asta di beneficienza

"Butterfly", is so called because inside the classic model of a Central African woman mask stands out a comic newspaper butterfly

The fundraising starts May 22th at 12:00 to June 5th. Enjoy!

Thank you 

Amref Italia - in collaborazione con Centocani Teatro asta di beneficienza
Centocani Branco Teatrale - Asta di beneficienza
CharityStars - in collaborazione con Centocani Teatro asta di beneficienza