Theatre in India

Acting class and theatre workshop

Acting class and theatre workshop in India. Centocani theatre in Auroville

Our work

The "African Pavilion Auroville" hosted us for a month of work in the beginning of 2020.
We proposed an acting class "Expressing the beast" and a theatre workshop with the aim of exploring and researching the world of masks and their connection with foundational myths and legends. 

Expressing the beast


Every day we held a 2-hour acting class on the use and the exploration of the expressive masks. The masks we technically worked on were: larval, expressive, "commedia dell'arte" and African. The course ended with a ritual: we don't call it a show because the public had an active role. Each performance was supported, facilitated and guided by the actors' work.

Every day we dealt with a different topic. We studied in depth theatre elements, acrobatics, and the link between masks and animals. There was no obligation to attend, everyone could choose according to their preference.

Mask-making workshop

We held on reservation mask-making workshops. We found on-site paper, flour, clay, chalk and other needed materials. People built the masks they preferred, without creative bonds!
In this way they could freely find a connection between the European and local culture.

We also had a significant collaboration with the "Auroville Theatre Group". With them, we have organized seminars on physical theater, choir theater, and stage fighting.