Tailored masks for TFP Teatro

Theatre workshop

Tailored masks. Mask-making workshop in Milan. TFP Teatro

Mask making workshop in Milan

Unique collaboration with TFP Teatro

TFP Teatro (Teatro del Futuro Perduto) is a collective that organizes theatre events and creates performances. Its aim is to bring theatre to everyone, even in unconventional places.
It was born in 2019, from the desire to explore art in all its forms. Almost all the performances are accompanied by other arts such as dance, experimental music, and lighting design.
The TFP space, Milan (Tempio del Futuro Perduto) is ideal because it is multidisciplinary and unconventional. It is an artistic port run only by young people on their own who don't give up on a sterile society.

The group is formed by Alexandra Lovin, Giorgia Boscolo Sassariolo and Chiara Giani Tagliabue. They conduct basic and intermediate theatre courses for adults, site-specific performances, rehearsals and shows.

This is a remarkable collaboration, young artists of different genres work every day to create unique projects.

Tailored masks

The power

Alexandra, Giorgia, and Chiara wanted custom-made comedy masks. And who better to ask than to Centocani?
The created masks are born from a precise thought: man and his vices and power relations. The idea then came true in 3 distinct figures: a slave, a powerful man, and a rich and vain woman.
In this project, they will explore the body and the characters: but especially the relationships between them and the changes of power.


The process

How we did it. Each paper-maché mask is made following these steps:
1. Sculpture of the clay mask
2. Plaster cast on clay
3. Lay the paper inside the mold
4. Drying and extraction
5. Coloring and finishing touch

Customs of the workshop: TFP Teatro (Teatro del Futuro Perduto).