Laboratories and workshops

Acting classes and theatre workshops

Laboratories and workshops. Acting classes and theatre workshops. Centocani

International acting classes

Acting skills and theatre training

Many treaties have been written about each category of theatre technicalities... but we will talk about what a Centocani actor can become. For us, it's about body, voice, instinct and creativity. These are the main instruments that an actor needs to be effective and free!

In our acting classes, we explore, experiment and play in every way with our body. For knowing it, then to learn how to get it right in performances, at work or in ordinary life.
The subjects and the activities of our modus operandi could be summarized as shown below.

As we go further in each laboratory the connection between the subjects will increase.
Please note: theoretical lessons are integrated in an exclusive manner for each class depending on the level and preparation of the actors.

  1. Acting training

    Physical preparation to ease the work of biomechanics and masked theatre.

  2. Biomechanics

    Study of the physical theatre and movement composition. In this discipline, we will achieve acrobatics, stage fight, stage gesture, and pantomime.

  3. Improvisation

    Development and use of the creativity of the actor, his reacting speed on stage, and mask improvisation.

International theatre workshops

Performing arts and acting workshops

Talking about theatre, we usually imagine an actor playing in front of an audience. There is much more work behind the scenes - literally! Among the many Centocani activities, theatre workshops are the thread that touches every sector of interest of the association.

In particular, the construction of the masks and the experimentation of the materials. The categories of masks we rely on are: larval, neutral, expressive, Commedia dell'Arte, African, masks from the world and the freely created ones. Take a look at them in the gallery!
We prefer functional and suitable materials for each context we are going to operate.We use leather, latex, papier-mache, and many other materials!
We named our formula "Cartapesta Costozero", it’s suitable, low-cost and the quality is very good. For the Costozero we use a glue created with flour and paper from the old newspapers. However, the results are remarkable and the paper can then be colored with the preferred technique.

Theatre workshop worldwide. Mask-making by Centocani

Our work

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Theatre is the best natural part of our lives, and we love it. Anyone who wants to learn to play or enrich the theatre is welcome! Our acting classes and theatre workshops are open to everyone, professional actors or amateurs.

We love driven people wanting to connect to anyone and with a vision to leave their own mark on the world.

It’s all about imagination: be creative, be Centocani!

Workshop in India. Laboratory and workshop in Auroville. Centocani

Workshop in India

A laboratory and workshop in Auroville, India. January 2020. "Expressing the Beast" and "Uso Vera".

Workshop in India