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Centocani team. About us, Davide and Federico with a mask

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The team

Centocani Branco Teatrale is an artistic and cultural association, that brings theater where there it is not.
Based in Italy, active all over the world. We rely our proposals on the cultural-historical traditions of popular theatre, and on the techniques and competence of social theatre. We also have lots of proposals in acting classes and theatre workshops. 

The popular theatre is a poor, direct theater. It is based on the traditions, myths and popular beliefs of the places. It takes shape through the practice of theater craftsmanship.
Social and community theater is a theater that improves the well-being of individuals or the whole community, in difficult contexts or following traumas. It promotes relationships, collaboration and solidarity processes between people, groups and communities.

Federico Regonesi. Social theatre director and project manager.

Federico Regonesi


Social theatre director and project manager

Davide Falbo. Art director and craftsman

Davide Falbo


Art director and craftsman

Tania Muzychenko. Communication and event manager

Tania Muzychenko


Communication and event manager