Centocani Branco Teatrale.
Where theatre is life.

Cultural and Artistic Association

It's all about theatre

مَسْرَح ⋅ théâtre ⋅ 剧场 ⋅ theater ⋅ 劇場 ⋅ divadlo ⋅ театр ⋅ 극장 ⋅ थिएटर ⋅ teatteri ⋅ teater ⋅ θέατρο

We love our job!

Express yourself

Artistic sharing ignites enthusiasm in people. Creating a unique and personal artistic pathway with a motivated group makes us more confident and happy. The community encourages the individual to go beyond the limits and reach goals that seemed impossible to achieve.
It is important for us to transmit the right proactive team spirit, which leaves no one behind!
We love energetic people who want to connect with others and cultivate the performing arts and their expressive potential.